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What in the art is happening? Houston area (mostly) free arts this week

We've picked out some fun mostly-free, mostly -arts-related activities for kids and families, happening in the next week.

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Turn Markers into Energy!

How many of you have a basketful of markers- some work, some don’t. Did you know that Crayola recycles used markers (including other brands) so you don’t have to throw them in the trash? Creative Edge Art Studio will be collecting used markers from schools and families in the area to send back to Crayola for their recycling program.

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Summer Days Are Here Again

One more month of school and then it's summertime! Summer means lazy days at the pool, playing outdoors, and taking in many of the great things that the city has to offer. Don't fall behind, start making

Upcoming Friday Night Fun Workshops

Always popular, our Friday Night Fun is a treat for the kids- it’s their night out of the house to have fun with friends. Bring the kids to the studio to have fun creating