Spring 2019 Masters Series

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Creative Edge offers a wide range of kids art classes to help your child unleash their creativity and explore new materials and artistic methods. Our Spring 2019 Masters Series is a total of 19 classes starting January 8th through May 25th.

April 29th – May 5th– Currently in week 16 of classes with 4 classes remaining. Tuition is prorated and enrollment is rolling.

Class sizes are limited to ensure that every child receives personalized support and attention. All classes are taught by certified art professionals with years of experience in creative education. Master’s sessions are offered every week during the fall and spring school semesters as well as the summer break for children ages 2 – 14.

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Discovery | Ages 2 - 3

Our Messy Masters are encouraged to use their sense of wonder, explore materials, and unleash their creativity! They develop their fine motor and creative skills while learning about art and building upon new formative experiences.

Exploration | Ages 4 - 5

We encourage children to explore materials and methods by taking a more independent role in their art-making process. They will experiment with basic art principles and techniques while learning about colors, lines, and shapes!

Expression | Ages 6 -9

Junior Masters are given a chance to enhance their skills while learning about art history and techniques of a range of artists. Inspiration through an understanding of the creative process will drive projects using various materials.

Refinement | Ages 6 – 9

Drawing Masters I is for younger students interested in developing and refining their drawing skills. Using art principles and techniques our artisans will create original works. Subject matter keeps the lessons enjoyable while their drawing skills develop.

Awareness | Ages 10 - 14

Mega Masters will expand their creativity and artistic awareness while exploring different types of art making. Interactive sessions including drawing, painting, sculpting, and more will encourage students to connect with art and draw inspiration from each other.

Development | Ages 10- 14

Drawing Masters II is for the more focused students interested in developing and refining their drawing skills. Using art principles and techniques our artisans will create original works. Subject matter is age appropriate keeping the lessons enjoyable while skills develop.

Masters Course Details

  • Spring Semester is January 8th – May 25th. There are no classes March 11th-16th.
  • Make up class dates are:
    • Messy Masters 2/27 @ 6PM and 5/1 @ 6PM
    • Mini Masters 3/6 @ 6PM and 5/8 @ 6 PM
    • Junior Masters 2/28 @ 4:30 PM and 5/2 @ 6PM
    • Mega Masters 3/7 @ 6 PM and 5/9 @ 6PM
    • Drawing Masters I 3/1 @ 4:30 PM and 5/2 @ 4:30 PM
    • Drawing Masters II 3/1 @ 6 PM and 5/2 @ 6PM
  • Dates and times are subject to change.
  • Click here to see our full make-up policy.
  • We will be having a Spring Student art show at the end of the session- scheduled for Monday, May 20th from 5:30-7:00.

After School Program Details

  • After school program is a one time semester fee due at enrollment.
  • We provide the supervision, you provide the snack (no peanuts please)
  • We are partnering with Transporting Together Transportation at a rate of $5/trip. Please contact them directly to arrange your transportation needs.