At Creative Edge Art Studio our objective is always to inspire every artist to create, explore, laugh and learn. That’s why we love offering kids art classes! Our Master Series sessions are so enriching to our kids, you just don’t want to miss it. Working with ages 2-14, each class provides hands on focused learning. Our curriculum builds and develops a foundation of skills by exploring and working through the fundamental elements and principles of art. We will introduce students to different media while exploring methods through line, color, space, form, texture, and balance.

Coming this fall

We are introducing an after school pick up for some of our classes. We realize that not every parent can transport their child to our studio; sometimes there are just too many places to be at once! We are partnering with Transporting Together, so students can be picked up at their school and be delivered right here to our doorstep in time for a snack and homework session. It’s a safe, quiet, inspiring space for your child to rid themselves of homework blues.

And we’re not just about kids painting classes!

We are offering two age groups for Drawing Masters (I & II), so our courses can be tailored to match the age groups’ developmental needs and skill level. Focusing on the elements of art and art history our curriculum, themes, materials, and projects are a thoughtful gateway to learning.

We are very excited to continue sharing our blog on Weekly Happenings Around Houston as we are receiving great feedback of families taking their families to several of the creative community events here in Pearland the greater Houston area. I really wanted to make it to the Critical Mass Houston this past Friday and didn’t so now my promise to myself is the super Big Bambu exhibit at the mfah that several of our clients have been talking about! 

Don’t miss it!

Our early bird pricing on all enrollments ends August 10th so sign up now to receive a free class!