Dear Parents,

We are writing today with a heavy heart to let you know that we will be closing Creative Edge Art Studio effective April 30th, 2020. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lost revenue with being closed for 1.5 months, and no end to this situation in sight, we made the very difficult decision to close our doors.

We have completed 9 of the 18 classes for the spring session in person at the studio, and another 3 online. We are planning to complete the remaining 6 classes online as well. Materials for the remaining 6 classes are on the website and are ready to be ordered. We simplified things a bit this time, in that all of the materials for your child’s projects are all on one page. Even though they are on one page, you will need to order materials, type in their name and pick up time, and hit the submit button for each separate project (so a total of 6 times). All orders for materials must be placed by Saturday, April 11th- no late orders will be accepted. If you did not order materials for the first 3 projects, or only ordered materials for one project, you can order the materials for those projects and pick them up as well. Materials can be picked up during the following dates/times:

  • Tuesday, April 14th, 3-5 PM
  • Wednesday, April 15th, 3-5 PM
  • Thursday, April 16th, 3-5 PM
  • Saturday, April 18th 12-2 PM

You may also pick up your student’s artwork that has been completed/started for this spring session during those times. For those of you who have ordered materials prior, we are not asking for any of the materials to be returned. Materials will be left on folding tables outside of the studio with your child’s name on them for pick up during your designated time. We are asking that even if you aren’t planning to continue the classes, login to your account to select the time to gather your child’s artwork so we can be sure they get it back- there is a page just for that that will appear in everyone’s account. This only needs to be completed by those not ordering materials. After April 18th, we will be packing the studio and won’t be holding on to any work that was left behind. We won’t be doing live videos for these lessons, we will pre-record the lessons and post them on the website as we did before so the kids can follow along at their own pace. For this coming week, we’ve cancelled the live meetings and we’ve gone ahead and done the videos and they are already posted to the website. We will be working on the videos this week and will post them in order of the dates listed on the lessons.

For those of you on payment plans, all plans have been paused at this time. Should you choose to complete the remaining classes, we will reactivate your payment plans. If you have any specific questions regarding your account, please reach out to us via email so we can answer them for you. Please give us 3-4 weeks to respond, as we anticipate a lot of emails and we still have a lot to work through and may not have all the answers yet. We hope you choose to continue the classes as it’s a good way to keep the kids creative and occupied during this stressful time. If you’re looking for more creative things to do during this time, we have some fun art materials and art kits posted on the website and are continuing to add more. As your kids complete their projects, we would love to see pictures of them! You can email them to us at this address, or post them on our thread on our Facebook page (creativeedgeartsudio).

We have loved being a part of this community for the last four and a half years and have enjoyed seeing your kids grow! We thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to be a part of your child’s creative development. We’re sad we won’t get to see everyone one last time and that the spring session (and our studio) is closing like this. Please stay safe!