Messy Masters

Development & Discovery | Ages 2 - 3

Our Messy-Masters are encouraged to use their sense of wonder, explore materials, and unleash their creativity! They develop their fine motor and creative skills while learning about art and building upon new formative experiences.

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Mini Masters

Exploration | Ages 4 - 5

We encourage children to explore materials and methods by taking a more independent role in their art-making process. They will experiment with basic art principles and techniques while learning about colors, lines, and shapes!

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Junior Masters

Expression | Ages 6 -9

Junior Masters are given a chance to enhance their skills while learning about art history and techniques of a range of artists. Inspiration through an understanding of the creative process will drive projects using various materials.

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Mega Masters

Awareness | Ages 10 - 14

Mega-Masters will expand their creativity and artistic awareness while exploring different types of art making. Interactive sessions including drawing, painting, sculpting, and more will encourage students to connect with art and draw inspiration from each other.

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Drawing Masters

Refinement | Ages 6 – 14

Drawing Masters is for students interested in developing and refining their drawing skills. Using art principles and techniques our artisans will create original works using graphite and colored pencils. Subject matter keeps the lessons enjoyable while skills develop.

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The Creative Edge philosophy

At Creative Edge Art Studio our goal is to cultivate creativity and to inspire every art student to explore, laugh, and learn! Our multidisciplinary art classes are designed to help artists of all ages unleash their creativity and self-expression. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to match the unique developmental needs and/or skill level of every age group. From painting to collage, to sculpture and more, artists have fun while learning the fundamentals of art. All classes offer hands-on learning and full immersion into a new world of expression and mediums.

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Questions? We’re here to help!

If you have questions or need assistance purchasing a class, please check our FAQ or call our studio at 832-295-9099.

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