Summer has flown by and it’s time to start thinking about back to school and making arrangements for the fall (hard to do when it’s 100 degrees outside!). Many parents struggle with leaving work in time to shuttle their kids around to their activities after school, or finding ways to be in two places at the same time with kids who are participating in different programs occurring after school. We have a way to help with that:

We are excited to announce our new after school pick up option!

Creative Edge is partnering with Transporting Together to provide transportation after school to the studio from the following schools:

  • Glenn York Elementary
  • Wilder Elementary
  • Marek Elementary
  • Brothers Elementary
  • Duke Elementary
  • McNair Junior High
  • Nolan Ryan Junior High

Transporting Together will pick students up from school and will drop them off at Creative Edge Art Studio where they will have the time to have a snack (provided by you) and time to work on their homework before their scheduled art class starts. Students must be picked up at the scheduled end time of their class.

We’re offering this option for the following Masters Series classes:

  • Mini Masters – Tuesdays 4:30 and Thursdays 4:30
  • Junior Masters – Tuesdays 4:30, Wednesdays 4:30 and Thursdays 4:30
  • Mega Masters – Wednesdays 6:00
  • Drawing Masters I – Tuesdays 4:30
  • Drawing Masters II – Tuesdays 6:00

It’s simple to register- just select the Masters Series class you’re interested in having your child attend and select the option for after school pick up. Once you’ve enrolled in your selected class, contact Transporting Together via our link to register for your transportation needs.

Our after school pick up is an additional $32 for the fall semester for a total tuition of $384. The cost for transportation (pick up from school and drop off at Creative Edge) is $5/week and you must register and pay directly with Transporting Together. They can also assist with pick up after art class or any other transportation needs you may have.